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Welcome to Alexandra Works.

Hopefully, this blog will not become my own personal indulgence, but I may ask for time to time for you to indulge in my prose. There’s a few things this blog will cover, since my interests range wildly as most others’.

I’m Alexandra. I’m a former journalist from Memphis, Tennessee. In my current job, I now do far more web and analytics work than actual journalism, but you can see my resume for yourself. The short version is I moved to San Francisco in the summer of 2017, and in the process, I wrote a goodbye love letter to Memphis. Since being here, I’ve realized that I’d like to help more journalists understand the Internet.

I’ve been a nerd since as long as I can remember, playing video games very young and building my own websites at the age of eight — this Rolling Stone piece really nails the Internet girl culture of my youth. When a new web platform would launch, I’d jump on it. Internet culture — and memes, before they were so — fascinated me to my core, and being part of it furthered my curiosity. It wasn’t just the humor or the sense of community about it; seeing how groups reacted anonymously to each other, collaborated with each other, increased the speed of information with each other, and watching it all in real-time made it so much more alive than was probably healthy.

My love of journalism started early, too. I made my very own newspaper when I was in elementary school, creating columns and articles in Microsoft Word. It was printed front and back, of course, to legitimize it, and I handed it out in front of the school. When I was trying to decide what to major in for university, I threw around the idea of creative writing due to my love for language. My mother reminded me why journalism was the real choice.

Both of these facets of interests converged in my higher education, as I entered my freshman year in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. I saw newspapers closing shop and scrambling on ways to improve revenue — all while struggling to adapt to the digital landscape that now laid at the feet of mass media. A lot of the major newspapers had gotten on board, but many regional, local, and trade publications were falling by the wayside. Watching the work unfold as I was studying journalism made it that much more important for me to focus on.

Today, I’m in the final year of my master’s degree, focusing (appropriately enough) on digital media and journalism.

This blog is the confluence of my take on technology, journalism, and how those intertwine. I very well may write creative prose as I ask for that aforementioned indulgence, and I’ll also include my travel adventures as obnoxious travel people are wont to do.

You’re much appreciated here. Feel free to discuss with me, laugh with me, and follow along.

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