I’m Alexandra, a journalistdata & analytics geekcodersocial media nerdgamertravelerweb editor

Who are you?

Since 2008, I’ve written about gaming culture, political demonstrations, elections, social media, local politics, state legislation, medical marijuana — but you can read more about that over on my resume. I come from an editorial background, and I enjoy curating content for the web. Internet culture is one of my favorite things, just as much as writing a breaking story. I’ve been a community manager for a gaming community of over 12,000 users and ran a Twitch livestream under a moniker for two years, garnering over 4,700 followers.

Journalism is my passion, but the digital world is where my experimentation and research come alive—so much so, my master’s thesis (completed in 2018) focused on how newspapers adapted to the digital age post-financial crisis of 2008.

Why this blog?

There’s a lot of exciting things going on in journalism and a lot of that intertwines with technology. Information is moving faster than ever — faster than we can verify, faster than we can absorb. Publications and journalists, while stretched thin as it is, often put tech skills on the back-burner unless the reporter is actively covering tech. With the way the digital landscape is growing, it only makes sense to improve the tools we have to cater to an ever-present digitally focused audience.

I’m living in San Francisco in the thick of the tech industry, and I didn’t realize how much this conversation needed to happen until I moved here. I felt compelled to write about my thoughts in both industries, considering my deep love for both. These are exciting times we live in; the ability to write compelling stories in a fast-paced, experimental age does not come around frequently. And we are in the weeds.

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